Special Christmas Edition #15 /w Nerd Entrepreneurs founders Daniel Kunz & Michel Bürki

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The Nerd Entrepreneurs founders - Daniel Kunz & Michel Bürki

In this episode we - the two hosts and entrepreneurs behind Startup Stories, Daniel Kunz & Michel Bürki - sat together, opneed up a bottle of ginger beer and asked each other a set of questions we had prepared beforehand. We went into highly personal stuff, and can't wait to show you what a half hour conversation between us sound slike (it's fun!).

So you will learn the following:

  • How we think our lives will look like in 10 years

  • Why we think we work well as cofounders

  • A product or service we love

  • What we would say to an investor who claims that two cofounders with a business background are too much

  • How we would describe a person that we actively dislike

  • What about entrepreneurship that makes it okay for us to go six months without a salary

  • What we think about running for president of Switzerland

  • What the most exciting thing about doing these interviews is

  • What we think we’re doing right this time

  • What keeps us up at night

  • And more!

Listen to the episode here

# 1: What will our future look like?

We think about what our future will look like and how we want it to be short-term and long-term. Maybe have a family with kids, still run our startup… and maybe do something new?

# 2: How is it to work together with us two in a team?

We did a personality test and we’re both “dolphins” who are described as creatures who love to party and enjoy life. We both have the same vision of what we want to build and how we want to do it; and we have the same values that we stand for in our company in order to make us succeed. We both basically do not give up. When something gets too serious, we have a discussion and grind it out, yet sometimes it can be bad and it does take a lot of time, but we just look forward and go ahead. Plus, humor is also a big thing.

# 3: What product or service do we love?

Something so cliché… but we both love Apple products! They’re a big part of our lives.

# 4: Why are two business guys a good fit for a startup?

We think there’s many things we can do no matter how technical it is as long as we can prove to the investor and that we can do something else. Many organizations have so much business tasks to do like user research to marketing to financing to fundraising to organizing administrative staff, but this might cause a lot inefficiencies and loss of focus. It's not just about the financials. Just the way we’re doing it now, one person taking over just one small part can help the other concentrate on other stuff and to speed things up.

# 5: What are the traits of a person we actively dislike?

A person who complains a lot and is not even trying to do his best to create value, someone who is just all about partying, someone who is very disrespectful, people who are too focused on themselves instead of helping someone – those types of people. People whom we call “gikers”, or a mix of givers and takers.

# 6: How is it for us to be entrepreneurs?

We’re running out of money yet we find it super exciting. Every day is different and we find ourselves talking to a lot of people. It’s more than just doing a normal job; it’s building something for someone while creating an impact, changing what is outdated, and changing it for the better while having fun at the same time.

# 7: Could we imagine to run for Bundesrat (federal counsil in Switzerland) in the future?

Don't think so. Assuming politics both in a company and the government is similar, you don’t advance based on competence but on connections. And that’s why we hate it.

# 8: Why do we do these interviews?

Meeting a lot of people and super interesting founders every week, hearing about their stories and learning from them is super amazing. What they say and their advice is really awesome, and we can relate it to our startup.

# 9: Can we do the Hula Hoop?

This is just for fun, but yes we can do it!

# 10: What went wrong with the startup ideas that failed?

We haven’t figured out yet a problem we want to solve of a specific customer. But we’re starting to do it right and spent a lot of time on user research to figure out what the actual problem is and now have an idea of a solution that fits to the customer’s needs.

# 11: And what are we doing now?

Zero-waste. Using jars and containers to fill up stuff and food. We’re building a way for people to have a more convenient option to live a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle. We do this because we want to accelerate the consumption of sustainable goods. There are not that many stores that support this kind of lifestyle, so we’re going to build a solution so that people may be able to live a more sustainable lifestyle and one that’s convenient. We see this movement and that many people are now becoming more aware of this problem and its impact on the planet.

# 12: What keeps us up at night?

We both realized that when things don’t go well and we’re sitting on a huge pile of work, we hold on to an assumption or idea for too long when it’s already dead.

Listen to the episode here

Weekly recommendation

Give and Take: Why helping others drives our success, by Adam Grant

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