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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

About Podcasting

Episode #18 of the Nerd Entrepreneurs podcast is a bonus episode. It is particularly special for me because for once I was on the other side of the microphone, being interviewed by my good friend Oliver about how we are producing this very podcast.

Listen to the episode here

Oliver is a founder himself, and him and his team were wondering whether it would make sense to launch a podcast to share their knowledge and experience with their customers and audience. He contacted me and agreed to record our conversation, where we cover topics like

  • Why should you start a podcast

  • How much time goes into the production of an episode?

  • How do we distribute our podcast?

  • What types of marketing works best for us?

  • How do we focus on a niche to stand out from the crowd?

Having this conversation with Oliver was so much fun and I’m super excited to share it with you now. Enjoy!

Why should a company start a podcast?

  • Podcasts are getting more and more listeners

  • It’s time efficient for your audience (compared to video and text)

  • It’s easier to produce consistently than blogs & video

  • You can align yourself with successful people in interviews

  • It allows you to produce long form content

  • You build a personal connection with your audience

  • It provides a repeat touchpoint for your audience

Why did you start a podcast and how?

Why? We wanted to open up the black box around entrepreneurship and help and inspire more people to start their own startup.

How? We bought a microphone for CHF 200.- and contacted entrepreneurs we knew. After the interview we asked for introductions to other entrepreneurs.

How much time do you invest in an episode after recording it?

The calcluation for season 1 & 2 looks like the following:

Editing audio

+ transcribing to text

+ writing show notes

+ writing blog post

= 4 hours (2 people)

Now we have found a new way without editing the audio. The transcription, show notes and the blog post is done by freelancer. Therefore we only have to do a specific intro & outro for the episode and some minor adjustments for the blog posts. This results in about 1 hour (2 people).

How do you distribute your podcast episodes on multiple platforms?

You need a host to host your audio files. You will get an RSS link that you can then input in different platforms. The host often takes care of some or all these platforms (we use Libsyn, but you can use anchor as well).

Where did you get your intro audio and should we invest in a good one?

We bought the melody online. I do a new intro recording for each episode to adapt it to the context.As an entrepreneur I would say no, you don't have to invest in a good one. You can get a very good intro by doing it yourself. And the intro is not the most important piece of your episode, your questions are!

What’s a good length for a podcast?

That really depends and I can’t say that. You definitely are more free to create long form and I would recommend recording the length that feels right for the conversation. So if we have a super exciting interview, we won’t cut it short just because we want to keep it under one hour.

How important is it to advertise episodes on social media?

As important as it is to advertise a website! “Build it and they will come” also doesn’t apply in this case. You can of course work on your SEO and hope that some people will find you whilst searching for podcasts, but those will be a small number of people. If you want to reach more people, distribution is as important as your content. Interviewing other people is a good way to start, because you can reach their networks as well as yours, for free.

How do you focus, to not just be another entrepreneur podcast?

Most successful content shows successful people and how they have achieved success. We have a different philosophy in that we believe that this only demotivates listeners into thinking they are not that special as for example Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc. This is why we go for the entrepreneurs that nobody knows, that are at the start of their journey, and that haven’t been seen online or on other podcasts yet.We will launch another format of episodes on our podcast where we challenge super-early-stage entrepreneurs with questions, just like investors would, but without investing any money in them. So the niche of ‘super early entrepreneurs’ is our niche. Because the entrepreneurs still have time to spend on sharing their stories, and big content producers are not interested in entrepreneurs that haven’t succeeded yet.

What’s the feedback you get from listeners?

We get a variety of feedback, some say we should focus on a topic like marketing or finance and not on a stage of a startup. But others tell us they really love our episodes because they get a glimpse of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and it demystifies entrepreneurship and motivates them to do something themselves. Plus they learn a whole lot about methods, tools, etc. that we mention in every episode.

Listen to the episode here

Final thoughts

I hope you got some value out of this one, I know I did. Being on the other side of the microphone exposes me to speak in front of more people and share my thoughts, which is always a good exercise for me.

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