From idea to product in less than 6 weeks

Free entrepreneurship education that teaches you how to get started and build up a side hustle.


"I have an idea but I don't know ...

... if my idea has potential?"

... how to build a product?"

... if I'm the right person for it?"

... how to find my customers?"

... if I have time

for it?"

... how long it will take to succeed?"

... if this will overwhelm me?"

... if others will laugh at me?"

The 'Problem - Solution - Fit' MasterClass

The startup training to develop the perfect solution for your startup idea

Lean Startup Basics

Problem - Solution - Fit Canvas

Defining Your Hypotheses

Bonus Content

Interviewing Correctly

Desk Research Done Right

42% of side hustles and startups fail because they never find Problem - Solution - Fit. Find out why.

Entrepreneurship education, by entrepreneurs

Company building and side hustles are our life, and we know how hard it is to start

Daniel Kunz


Check me out here:

I started my first startup during University, raised CHF 1.4 Mio. for my second startup (still live) and ran the product side of a successful early-stage insurance startup that customers loved.

Michel Bürki

I studied innovation at the best University in the country and led my first startup at the age of 25. I went on to raise CHF 500'000 and grow the team to 8 full-time members. I love the hustle.


Check me out here:

Startups we have been involved with: TravelGap, mitipi, Flink.

A startup training that's worth your time

More value than any other startup education you find at Uni. For free.

Learn proven methods used by successful entrepreneurs


Get state-of-the-art templates that will save you tons of hours


Enjoy live 1:1 coaching sessions with experienced entrepreneurs


Access a community of other Nerd Entrepreneurs


Receive a free Nerd Entrepreneur T-shirt


  1. Lean Startup methodology by Steve Blank & Eric Ries

  2. Lean Canvas model by Ash Maurya

  3. Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez

  1. Problem - Solution - Fit Canvas

  2. Interview questionnaire

  3. Hypotheses sheet

  4. Experiment sheet

  1. Weekly group video talking about a specific topic

  2. Opportunity to ask concrete questions & get answers

  3. Opportunity to appear on our podcast & get a 1:1 coaching

  1. Secret Facebook group with other enthusiastic entrepreneurs

  2. Regular exchanges and valuable content for the community

  3. Direct access to interviews with experienced founders on our podcast

  1. Get a free t-shirt when completing the course!

Key Benefits of this MasterClass

How to become an entrepreneur has never been easier to learn

Super flexible

There are no fixed schedules. Access all materials any time you want. If you missed our live video, don’t worry. Watch the video later by clicking on the link we send you via email. We understand you have a life, and made it as easy for you as possible.

Lifetime Access

There’s 1 hour of class every week through our members-only community. Just by watching this content you will learn an amazing lot about how to start your project. To be successful, you’ll need to do the legwork though. Since this can take time, you'll always have access to your content.

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